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  • Greed is Good

    It is not uncommon for at least one divorcing spouse to be in a hurry to end their case. Sometimes there is a new mate, and other times it is the stress of dealing with an ongoing dissolution.  While there is value in expediency, haste should never abrogate due diligence and common $en$e.

  • No Fault, No Problem

    California is a no-fault state when it comes to divorce.  Generally speaking, this means that there is no reason required for one spouse to request a divorce from the other spouse.  Moreover, it is not necessary that the other spouse consent to or approve of the divorce, or that they even participate in the divorce proceedings.

  • Domestic "Violence"

    At Antonyan Miranda, we handle many Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO) cases, and pride ourselves on providing zealous and aggressive representation in this subset, yet complex area of family law.  This is important, as each year the law changes, allowing increased forms of conduct to be considered "abuse."