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Maria Rogova is a licensed attorney in Russia, and a legal technical writer at Antonyan Miranda. Ms. Rogova holds a Master of Laws degree from California Western School of Law, in addition to her law degree from the Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages. Additionally, Ms. Rogova possesses a Master of Finance degree from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

Ms. Rogova is a native Russian speaker and is also fluent in English. Ms. Rogova has practiced law in Russia for over seven years in the area of contract litigation, mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganization, real estate, and labor law, and served as an in-house counsel for a petroleum and gas trading holding company.

Mrs. Rogova previously worked in various legal practice areas in San Diego County prior to joining Antonyan Miranda, including personal injury and contract litigation. Ms. Rogova’s diverse legal and cultural experience are a substantial asset to Antonyan Miranda’s international clients.