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Greed is Good

It is not uncommon for at least one divorcing spouse to be in a hurry to end their case. Sometimes there is a new mate, and other times it is the stress of dealing with an ongoing dissolution.  While there is value in expediency, haste should never abrogate due diligence and common $en$e.

There should always be a bona fide effort to secure all assets that one is entitled to. The divorcing spouse needs to realize that at some point in the future, they will likely remarry.  The "new" family will want to live comfortably and enjoy life.  Children of the divorcing relationship will need a car, and then a college education.  There may be new children with a new mate, and those children will need to drive and learn.  At the end of it all, the divorcing spouse will stop working and need sufficient retirement income to afford the high cost of living in Southern California.  

The point is that no matter what your spouse calls you or tells you, it is not greedy to fight for your fiscal rights in a divorce, it is necessary.  If it is greed, then it is good greed, as the State of California has decided you are generally entitled to half. 

Whatever you leave on the table today will be someone else's meal tomorrow.  Call Antonyan Miranda, and we will help you eat their lunch.

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