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Antonyan Miranda, LLP has put forth this Privacy Statement as a manifestation of commitment to, and respect for, visiting user privacy. Antonyan Miranda, LLP may amend this Statement from time-to-time and at any time, and should there so be a resultant, substantial modification to the manner in which visiting user personal information, if any, is utilized by Antonyan Miranda, LLP, notification of such shall be made via the posting of a conspicuous announcement on this site.

Antonyan Miranda, LLP does not collect any personally identifiable information on this site, or any affiliated sites, except in cases where the visiting user should so proffer said information voluntarily, and for the purpose of receiving additional information from Antonyan Miranda, LLP. Such information is therefore utilized solely to respond to and process said visiting user’s request.

The Antonyan Miranda, LLP server may record domain names, including client host name and user name, as well as other like information, solely for internal purposes intended to enhance the visiting user's experience. Such aggregate data permits Antonyan Miranda, LLP to, inter alia, measure the number of visitors to the different sections of this site, or affiliated sites, and additionally to ensure that this site, or affiliated sites, remains optimal to visiting users. Antonyan Miranda, LLP does not knowingly nor volitionally disclose any such information to third parties, nor does Antonyan Miranda, LLP knowingly nor volitionally permit third parties to set and access cookies on a visiting user’s computer via this site, or any affiliated sites. Antonyan Miranda, LLP has reasonable, commercially practicable security measures in place with the objective of protecting against the loss, misuse, and alteration of any such information.

Any questions or suggestions regarding this Statement should be directed as follows:

Antonyan Miranda, LLP
402 W Broadway Suite 1500
San Diego, CA 92101